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Point relative broken?
« on: August 15, 2019, 02:23:39 AM »
V27 point relative simply does not work.  DesignCAD is barely usable now, and I paid for an upgrade to get this.  Sheesh.  Any ideas, folks?  I virtually only use it with the "From reference point" selected and "Reference point" checked. 

I am really, really struggling to get any responses from Tech support.  I've been asking for a solution for nearly a month. 


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Re: Point relative broken?
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2019, 05:15:50 AM »
It seems to work OK for me. Have you applied the patches?


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Re: Point relative broken?
« Reply #2 on: Today at 08:01:48 AM »
In what way does it seem to be broken? I haven't noticed any (new) problems with it.
Are you entering your dx, dy, etc. as decimal values or feet-and-fractional-inches? Remember, DesignCAD has never handled fractional feet-and-inches inputs well -- you have to do the fractional math yourself or be very careful how you enter it in the fields.
If you are using Reference Point, remember you have to click the reference point for *every point you set*.
Also, if you're using Move or Duplicate with 'Reference Point' checked *and* 'From Reference Point' in Point Relative, you have to set the reference point twice in succession -- the first reference point is basically a temporary Move/Duplicate handle, and the second reference point is where the Point Relative command will offset from. This lets you set up some interesting offsets, but often it may be overkill.
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Re: Point relative broken?
« Reply #3 on: Today at 01:43:12 PM »

Having no problems with point-relative over here as yet.

There are so many ways to do things, it is sometimes hard to find those errors.
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Re: Point relative broken?
« Reply #4 on: Today at 07:01:08 PM »
V27 point relative simply does not work.  I virtually only use it with the "From reference point" selected and "Reference point" checked. 

Hi Don,

As far as I can tell, the native Move and Duplicate commands have never worked well with the Point Relative command, at least not in "from reference point" mode .

To verify, I tested your issue in versions 15,17, and 28, and got the same errors in all 3. DC seems to want to ignore the original reference point and defer to most recent handle, wherever it may be.

I was unaware of or had forgotten this problem in the native commands, because I have always used macros to perform Moves and Duplications.

You can download the S, N, and M macros (select, duplicate, move) here in a single zip file:

On my own systems I have reassigned the keyboard S, N, and M keys to activate the macros. The macros are strictly Reference Point mode. If I ever need to use a handle explicitly, I can always go to the native command in the menu, but that happens maybe once every few years.

The N and M macros work well with the Point Relative Command.

When doing a Move using Point Relative with "Reference point" checked, remember that after you click "OK" or press "Enter" you need to manually set a NEW Reference point and then hit enter again. Otherwise the move will fail, because the virtual "from reference point" in the Move command (or M macro) is not necessarily the same as the "reference point" in the Point Relative command.


PS:  The macros work by surreptitiously setting and using temporary handles in the background to allow the look and feel of of Reference Point Move and Duplicate while avoiding their inherent problems. The macros also fixed the 180-degree-rotation bug that existed in all versions prior to v18.