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Auto-Justifying Multiline Text
« on: October 12, 2018, 10:07:50 AM »

Right now if you adjust the borders of an M-Text entity (you can snap at any of the points while in point select mode to do this) the internal text maintains its original justification. This usually causes the text to distort.

What would be more practical is that the internal text auto-justifies. So, for example, if you duplicate an m-text note to another part of a drawing (where it would cover up stuff) you can just snap on any one of the points and move it to reshape the m-text box. When you release the point the internal text would justify itself to the new shape.

Right now, to re-justify m-text you have to open the info box, click the 'edit' button and guess at a 'maximum text line width' then click OK to exit the m-text editor and view the m-text entity. If the new justification is still not right you have to go through all that again.

ps: the m-text editor is very touchy. Any time you open the editor there is a 50/50 chance dcad will crash due to some innocent action you take (like pasting with ctrl+v instead of the paste button, or highlighting some text and backspacing to delete it) so any new code will have to be thoroughly tested.