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I need to organize my macro's into category's

I.E  On my elevation Toolbar have macros and exe's that draw windows/doors etc (items that are seen on an elevation view

On my plan view have items like door cutters / window cutters ...etc
That way when I'm on a particular phase of drawing I only need to invoke a toolbar relevant to stage
I don't wish to have a screen full of floating toolbars or loose space docking them
I'd rather have them hidden and only invoke when needed

I tried loading up menu's but I find there is a limit to what can be put up there
So I'm asking has anyone worked out how to load a toolbar on a menu or toolbar

Thanks in advance
Or will a macro invoke a toolbar
I have yet to try that approach



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Re: Organize
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Easiest way for me to open/close toolboxes is by right-clicking any toolbox already opened, or an empty part of the menu-bar, or right- or left-clicking the status bar. This opens a list of all the loaded toolbars. Click on one to open/close it. You can also press the key of the first letter of the toolbar's name. If that letter is unique the toolbar will open/close right away. If not unique it will highlight the first toolbar with that letter. Press enter (or click it with mouse) to open that one or press the key again to highlight the next one down the list with that first letter.

To use a macro:
Code for built-in toolbars:
sys(220)=1 'Toolbar
sys(219)=1 'Layer Toolbox
sys(222)=1 'Snap Toolbox
sys(221)=1 'Main Toolbox
sys(226)=1 'Color Toolbox
sys(228)=1 'Line Style Toolbox
sys(224)=1 'Coordinate bar
sys(225)=1 'Viewing Toolbox

...use 0 to turn them off...

Code for custom toolbars:
<Toolboxname "name of toolbox"    'has to be the name at the top (2nd line) of the custom toolbox's dct file, not the name you gave it when it was saved, if they are different...
<Visible 1   '0 to turn off...


Maybe you can have a main custom toolbar with buttons for each of your task-specific toolbars. The main one stays open. Click a button on it to open a particular toolbar, click the 'x' on opened toolbars to close them.

If your keys are docked opening/closing them may cause your drawing window(s) to resize and thus regen, if that's a problem for you...
How your toolboxes are when you close dcad is how they will be when dcad is opened (but crashing can sometimes cause them to reopen up in the top left corner)


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Re: Organize
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How about this:For each of your custom toolbars, add an 'H' icon at the very end that runs a macro to close ('H'ide) it.Then create a new toolbar with buttons that run macros to open specific toolbars.
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