Author Topic: Mixed Mode:360 colored outlines; Insert Manager access: not working again  (Read 57 times)


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Anybody else seeing this:
My Mixed Mode Shading is no longer displaying black outlines, only outlines of the entity's color. In the beginning it displayed black only in front views (viewing angles between 0 and 180 degrees(?)) and all back views displayed outlines of the entity's color. Now it's colored views no matter the viewing angle.
Access to my Insert Manager is only by selecting an insertable item and clicking the 'Edit content' button in the Info Box. The other means of access (File menu> Insert Manager, and shortcut Shift+M are not working... again.  I remember it being fixed in the Feb 27th patch.

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I think the insert manager issue was only discovered "broken" by the Feb 27 patch, ali reported it fixed at his end, but no further patch has been released since then.

A new patch without Red mode has been promised as imminent some time ago, but there must be some bumps in the road.

I hope they are working on the slow rubber band line in shaded mode, which could be worked around by running in red mode.

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