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Watertight test
« on: May 29, 2018, 11:38:05 AM »
V27.0 27-Feb-18
Win 7 Pro 64

In the attached file there are four solids, a blue "L" extrusion and three triangular pieces (red, green and cyan). Two of the three triangular pieces were created by "Duplicating" the first triangular piece, so they are all exactly alike - except for the color. I changed the colors to make it easy to identify them for discussion.

Note: The color doesn't matter for the "Solid Add" function, but if you doubt this change all three triangular pieces to the same color (blue) of the "L" extrusion.

I can use "Solid Add" to join any one of the three triangular pieces to the "L" extrusion with no problems. But if I then try to add another triangular piece to the new "L" extrusion/triangle solid I get this error message:

Resulting solid is not watertight. Continue?"

The same error occurs when I add the third triangular piece to the solid.

If the first triangular piece adds to the "L" piece with no problem, why does addition of the second and third triangular pieces cause "leaks?"

Inspection of the resulting solid after all four pieces are added reveals no missing facets, open corners, unjoined edges, etc.

Looks like a BUG to me!


Note: I do not have "Use surface representations for solid operations" selected in the "Options/Options/General" tab.
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Re: Watertight test
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2018, 01:35:20 PM »
Solid Add two triangles. Then Solid Add the third triangle. Finally Solid add triangles to L shape. So in this way it works.

Next I did Solid leak test and got the message: Command Failed! The selected object is not a SolidSurface entity.

Converted Solid to Surface.

Tools --> Solid Leak Test --> is ok, no message

Edit --> Selection Edit --> Is Solid Watertight --> is NOT watertight
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Re: Watertight test
« Reply #2 on: May 29, 2018, 05:45:34 PM »
I had no warning messages when combining the 4 elements, no matter what order I combined them in.
For the leak test warning ,The selected object is not a SolidSurface entity, that Dempsy posted - I also get that message on each of the 4 pieces before I combine them, as well as after I've combined them.

In fact - I get the same error message no matter what type of solid I create, whether it's by extruding, combining planes or drawing a solid from the menu of default shapes in the main toolbox.
I guess it's the program that's busted, not the solid?