Author Topic: a. Non-destructive Booles; b. Real time shading; c. kill camera cutting planes  (Read 185 times)


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My 3 suggestions are:

a. Non-destructive Boolean Solid operations
This would allow slices and bites  (ie, 'section deletes') that can be turned on and off, in model space and paper space view frames. Does away with having to save a separate file for a  slice and then having to remember to redo the (saved) slice if changes are made to the model.

Dcad has this capability already with 'camera cutting planes' but they are always perpendicular to the viewing angle, making it useless for slices.

b. Real time shading
This is what RedSDK was trying to achieve but is now being decommissioned. I understand IMSI is looking into other renderers but the chosen one should be capable of real time shading while working and faster shaded printing as well as photo-quality final renderings.

c. Kill the current camera cutting planes.
The default front cutting plane should be at or slightly behind the camera, not halfway between the camera and the focal point, as it now is. The rear cutting plane should be turn off'able or done away with.