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Reference parameter in Move command not working according to docs
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* March 26, 2018, 05:45:49 PM
To the best of my recollection, the <Referece parameter of the Move command has never worked.

The two attached macros should perform identically in the attached drawing.

The macro using a preset handle works.

But the one using "<Reference 1" makes a mess of the drawing, seemingly even changing entity order.

The parameter seems to work OK in the Duplicate command.

Code: [Select]
' mtr.d3m         move test with reference
' attempts to move a sequence of entities a fixed distance relative to a fixed reference point.
' Each move seems to create an offset from the previous point, creating greater errors with each move.

for i=1 to ne

GETATTR i, t ,sel
PUTATTR i, t ,1

<Reference 1
<Type 1
<Pointxyz 0, 0, 0
<Pointxyz  2, 2, 0

print  "hit a key,    esc to exit"
anykey k

if k = 27 then end
next i

(Drawing uploaded in ascii format to save space)
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