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Help Us Help You
« on: December 07, 2006, 06:29:55 PM »
So, you're stumped on some aspect of DesignCAD, and want some advice? This is the right place to ask your questions.

First, though, some guidelines so we can help you better. These aren't cast in stone, and aren't meant to be intimidating. They are merely offered in the spirit of improving the forum experience for everyone.

1) The subject line should give us some idea of what you're having trouble with. For example, maybe you're having a problem exporting to DWG format so that your client can read the files. "Help!" doesn't tell us much. "Export doesn't work" is not much better. "Need help with exporting DWG files" is more like it. That immediately helps a friendly reader determine whether or not he or she has the knowledge to help you -- or if your question (and the answer received) might apply to his own situation.

2) Please describe your problem as clearly as possible. It's useful to know: what DesignCAD version you're using, what you are trying to accomplish, what you have tried, and what part of the result doesn't meet your expectation. Again, simply saying that "x doesn't work" is not a useful description of the problem. Or, if you're simply trying to figure out a feature, say "I can't understand how to use feature x. I have tried this, that, and the other, and it still doesn't make sense to me. Can someone explain?"

3) If someone's suggestion or help worked for you, please post a message saying so. That gives your helper a sense of accomplishment, and allows future readers with a similar problem to know which proposals (if any) helped you out.

4) If you got help with problem x, and now want help with problem y, please pose your new question in a separate thread, unless it is closely related to the first problem. Again, this helps us help you better, and lets other solution-seekers find a possible answer more easily.

Ready? Set? Ask!

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Re: Help Us Help You
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Thats right we are here to help so please let us know what you need.