Author Topic: How to get X-Ray Shaded views (v 2018)  (Read 484 times)


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How to get X-Ray Shaded views (v 2018)
« on: December 23, 2017, 09:25:23 AM »
By 'X-Ray Shaded' I mean a shaded view but you can see through stuff like in wireframe mode (up to a certain depth depending on settings, as described below). ie, The stuff that would be visible in a normal shaded view is what is actually shaded. The stuff that would normally be hidden is shown in outline. And since it's Christmas I'll throw in a bonus: selecting something outlined may cause it to appear in color, and may remain colored after deselecting it (but probably not after a regeneration,including zooming, scrolling, etc). So, not only am I giving you X-Ray but you also get 'individualized highlighing'... PLUS dcad gets a foot in the doorway to some of today's 3D capabilities. Ho, Ho, Ho!!!

This only works in the recently released version 2018 right now, since Mixed Mode Shading is necessary.

1] You may have to start a new window (Window menu> New Window) since the View toolbox has to be open, which causes views to switch back to their default. The new window will open in perspective.
2] Turn on Mixed Mode Shading (ie, shaded with outlines).
3] Change the 'horizontal angle' and 'vertical angle' to get the view you want (0/0 is front, 0/90 is right, 270/0 is left, 180/0 is rear, 0/270 is bottom or use Y to orbit, for non-flat views).
3] In the View Toolbox set the View Distance to 1 US billion (1 with nine zeros).

The shaded view will start to display interior lines. At that point the depth of the visibility will depend on the size of the model. Increasing the view distance will show more depth but may also cause some items to not appear in the correct place in non-flat views.

Bonus: some items will display in color if selected and may remain after deselected (ie, not only x-ray but also shaded highlight of chosen items)

In the attached image with the view distance set to 1,000,000,000 the x-ray depth is about 25 feet. The building is about 150 feet long and I could not get the x-ray all the way through in the side elevation but I discovered that if you click-to-select at where you know something that is not visible is it will appear. It will remain visible after deselecting but will disappear if the view is regenerated.

ps: this process needs more experimentation. Besides the project attached I tested on a building about 30 deep and the amount of x-ray penetration seems to be a percentage of the depth of the model, not a constant amount across all models. I also tested on a simple cube mixed with a sphere and the results were barely noticeable.
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