Author Topic: Bizarre text behaviour when changing from true-type to vector  (Read 37 times)


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Bizarre text behaviour when changing from true-type to vector
« on: January 06, 2018, 07:26:02 PM »
This is more for your amusement than needing a fix, but it's worth reporting here.
I recently needed to re-number the hotel rooms that I'd produced on a plan.
I'd originally typed them as vector font (default 'simplex_win') and then changed them to true-type (Arial).
There were two groups of 5 units and the number order needed to be reversed, 101 - 105 was changed to 105 - 101. So, 101 & 102 became 105 & 104 etc but 103 stayed the same.
It was then that I realized '103' was now written larger than the other numbers - still the height but longer and bolder. (it printed that way too, it was in a PDF file that I first noticed it)

After much experimentation to try to replicate I worked out it only happens if you 'batch convert' several texts from vector to true-type then try to edit one of them. If you convert the texts individually it doesn't happen.
I also found that if the sequence is reversed - that is, originally typed in true-type and batch-converted to vector - the effect of editing it is also reversed.
Vector font converted to true-type gets smaller if edited, True-type font converted to vector gets larger if edited.

Like I said, not a doomsday moment but it makes the drawing look untidy so I had to re-do it as it was to be posted on the back of every door in the hotel!