Author Topic: DesignCAD 3D Max 2016.2 update patch and DesignCAD 2016.2 update patch now live  (Read 1783 times)


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We have now posted the DesignCAD 3D Max 2016.2 update patch and the DesignCAD 2016.2 (2D version) update patch. These patches resolves the following issues:

1) When placing Radius or Diameter dimensions, the rubber-band preview of the dimension text would not appear until the arrow was at least 2 units away from the circle. For small circles and text, this was impractical. Now the rubber-band text shows correctly.
2) The 'Display symbol as box' option sometimes caused DesignCAD to crash when loading a drawing containing blocks. This has been solved.
3) Custom toolbars containing the Print command could cause DesignCAD to appear to 'freeze' for long periods of time. This no longer occurs.
4) DesignCAD 2016 would not display black-and-white raster images inserted into a drawing.
5) DesignCAD 2016 would not display raster images that took more than 256MB of memory. The limit has now been increased to 1 GB, essentially doubling the allowable width and height. Note that this increase is fully effective only in the 64-bit version; the 32-bit version can now load larger images than 2016.1, but not quite as large as versions 24 and earlier could.
6) The Selection Filter's COLOR tab sometimes truncated the RGB values of the colors in the list. The Selection Filter dialog has been expanded to eliminate this issue.
7) Some large files were taking much longer than they should to load. This has been resolved.
 8) BasicCAD -- the EntitySelect command was not working for certain types of entities.

The DesignCAD 3D Max 2016.2 patches are available for download at these locations:
The DesignCAD 2016.2 (2D version) patches are available for download at these locations:

Download the patch file for your specific DesignCAD 2016 version to your desktop. Close DesignCAD 3D Max 2016 if already running. Double-click on the patch icon to install it.
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