Author Topic: Win10 X64 Build 15063 won't allow DC's 3DMax 25.1 or 25.2 updates to load...  (Read 402 times)


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Dear Fellow DC-Lovers:

The PIPE Here...just "updated" my Win10 X64 OS PC to build 15063, what I believe to be the "Creators Update", and NOW I can't update my DC 3DMax v.25 X64 install with the available 25.1 OR 25.2 updates to get it running ON those DC-updates. I always seem to run into the Windows Installer, telling it can't load it, with the accompanying window shown in the "footer" of this reply.

Is there anyone else who's had this same problem, and, IS there any way around this sort of nonsense?

Thanks in advance and Yours Sincerely,

The PIPE.. ;)..!!
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First thing to try would be to un-install and re-install the original version.

It may be it has not properly registered itself, or the registry has misplaced the entry for it.

You could also try and re-download the patches to make sure they are not corrupted
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First, check Help/About DesignCAD to see which version you already have. If you're already running 26.2, you're fully up to date and none of the patch files will run because of that. Yes, that message is less than helpful...

If you are on 26.0 *or* 26.1, just run the 26.2 update patch. Be sure you're running the correct one -- use the 3D Max patch if you have DesignCAD 3D Max, or the 2D patch if you have DesignCAD 2D. You can't patch from the 2D version to the 3D version, or between major versions (like 25.x to 26.x).
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