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General Discussion
« on: August 30, 2017, 11:48:12 PM »
Unable to run DesignCAD Training CD. The CD lists subjects, but when I select one, I receive the message that JavaScript or Flash Player is not installed. I am using Windows 10 with either Internet Explorer or Mozilla Thunderbird as browser. They both verify that the latest versions of JavaScript and FlashPlayer are installed. I have DesignCAD 3D MAx, Version 22.

I can obtain most information that I need from the Help on the toolbar but the Training CD should be helpful. Am a past extensive AutoCAD user but my legacy version no longer runs on the latest Windows OS.

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Re: General Discussion
« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2017, 08:28:05 AM »
I have never used Designcad training CD's so probably not much help there. 

It seems a bit perverse that such a CD does not contain everything it needs to run and/or display itself for you.  Both Java and Flash are deemed to be security risks, and most newer browsers either do not or will no longer support them. I think I would ask IMSI for a refund on those!!!

Do you by chance have a different or  older computer to try it on??

Meanwhile there is much getting started info on this forum.  Try a search for getting started or new user or suchlike.

There is also a very useful getting stated guide included with the program called DCAD2016_gsg.pdf or similar, linked from help menu in latest versions.

Most any questions you might have small or large are answered here almost immediately by one or the other of our resident DCAD fanatics.

There are really just a few concepts you need to grasp, and then you will be away.  The main one is, there is no drawing setup required to start drawing.  The second is what are the numerous ways to set points for the commands.

Once we know how far you've gotten, we can help more.

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Re: General Discussion
« Reply #2 on: August 31, 2017, 01:00:59 PM »
One of the obstacles in switching from AutoCAD to DesignCAD is the entirely different menu/command/user interface structure. DesignCAD will do just about everything AutoCAD can do but you will have to learn the new user interface. When I switched from AutoCAD back in the dark ages I found DesignCAD's user interface to be MUCH better than AutoCAD's, but it took a while to learn new ways. Here are two important features of DesignCAD:


One important thing to remember about DesignCAD is that is has a one-stop shopping center for making changes to objects (layers, colors, materials, like widths, just about everything). It is the "Info Box" and you open it with "CTRL I." Instead of multiple menus and commands to change layers and manipulate objects you can do almost everything from the Info Box. Select an object and press "Ctrl I" to see what you can do with an object.


The other VERY important feature to get used to is "Gravity Snap." With gravity snap enabled when you right click the cursor jumps to the nearest point. This makes it very easy to select objects, set points in lines exactly on existing points, etc.

When you first right click you will get an option to "Use  Right-Click for Gravity." Select this option.

You can also disable the right click popup menu in "Options/Options/General tab." Remove the chek mark beside "Enable right click popup menu."

You can still get the right click popup menu by pressing the CTRL key and right clicking.

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Re: General Discussion
« Reply #3 on: September 01, 2017, 12:51:07 PM »
Copy the full contents of the CD to a folder your hard drive (to C:\Training, for example).
Then browse to the "Media\937cdbc2-468f-41c8-89c6-43f85bf82d0d\Misc" sub-folder, and try clicking directly on the "Chapter N Final.swf" files, where "N" ranges from 1 to 11.
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