Author Topic: Sys(91) has new behavior in V.16+  (Read 1931 times)


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Sys(91) has new behavior in V.16+
« on: December 06, 2006, 01:31:11 PM »
For normal entities, Sys(91) represents the line type (solid, dashed, etc.)

For Group entities (entity type 34, introduced in Version 16), Sys(91) represents the group id reported by members of that group. 

Suppose I have a group of two lines. Say the lines indicate Group ID's of 3 when Sys(94) is queried. To find the Group entity that contains those lines, I need to search for Group entity (entity type 34) whose value in Sys(91) is 3. The value of Sys(94) for the group entity may be zero, if the group itself is not nested in another group, or it may be a different value if it IS nested inside another group.
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