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DC6 selection capability
« on: December 12, 2006, 05:35:16 PM »
Basiccad still needs a way to:

1) Highlight selected items without having to regenerate the screen.
2) Highlight selected items without calculating or displaying selection handles.

3) DC needs a user setting to turn off selection handle display except immediately after a sethandle command.

Thirteen years after DC made the move to windows, DC still clutters the screen with selection handles that experienced users of DC6 neither want nor need. Perhaps worst of all is that deselection currently requires a time consuming screen regeneration solely to redraw the entities obscured by selection handles.

Displaying a handleless selection generally involves the following:
1) making a selection.
2) moving the selection handles off-screen
3) regenerating the screen

This method of hiding handles is visually pleasing, but plays havoc on commands such as mirror about axis, where offscreen handles can lead to unanticipated results.

Selecting an entity using PUTATTR or CHANGE requires that the screen be regenerated in order to view the selection in color. This can be time consuming.

Here are 3 possible functions:

sys(99999) =  0   : compute and display selection handles
                =  1   : hide selection handles

This would hide the selection handles of any selected entities, but would require a regen.

<entity entno
<showselection  1
<showhandles 0

This would select the entity entno and  highlight it on the screen without displaying any selection handles, and without requiring a regen.

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