Author Topic: Opening a file from the recent files list in the "File" menu  (Read 584 times)


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Opening a file from the recent files list in the "File" menu
« on: December 19, 2016, 12:17:29 PM »
When we open a file with "File/Open" we have the options to "Ignore drawing view data" and "Ignore view shading flags." The ability to ignore view shading flags (the shaded view in effect when the file was last saved) is VERY important with large files where it may take 15-30 minutes to shade the drawing after it is opened.

The "ignore view shading flags" options allows these drawings to be opened relatively quickly when we just want to copy something from the drawing.

Problem: Unfortunately, selecting a file from the recent files list doesn't offer these options. If you open a file from this list the drawing will be shaded as it was when it was last saved, and this may take a long time to complete. The only option is CTRL/SHIFT/DEL and this also closes any other drawings that were already open (and they may take a long time to load again) and may cause lost work. This makes opening a file from the recent files list a risky proposition if you work with large drawings. It may make the program unusable for a long time.


Solution: It would be nice if clicking on a file in the recent files list just opened the normal "File/Open" dialog with the file name already selected. This would add one step of clicking the "Open" button, but would make it possible to use the "Ignore" options, and make the recent files list more user friendly.

If the folder containing the selected file was displayed in the dialog window it would also give us the option to select a different related drawing in that folder but not in the recent files list. Or we could change our mind and select another folder and file with the normal "File/Open" procedure.

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