Author Topic: Clue to a cause of "Incessant Redraws".  (Read 518 times)


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Clue to a cause of "Incessant Redraws".
« on: December 16, 2016, 01:17:46 PM »
For those of you with the "incessant redraw" issue I have come across some small info that may help lead to a solution (most notably Dr. PR)...

I'm working on a 3d architectural project and having finished the modeling I decided to save related parts to their own files so I can reload them into a new file as Linked Symbols. The original file used about 120 layers and I reduced this to 10 Linked Symbols (each one's individual layers could be far apart from each other). This way I could turn off whole symbols by turning off 1 layer. I was also thinking I could use the Symbols tab of the Block Editor to manipulate layers of a symbol without the clutter of all the other layers of all the other symbols (using the "active layers only" filter). However, this was a fallacy because you can not edit Linked Symbols in the Block Editor (but you can edit Embedded Symbols).

My initial intent for all this was to capture images around and inside the model. However, as I captured images I would see things I wanted to revise or things I wanted to add. Also, the captured images were sometimes displaying things that should be hidden or things that were just not there, so I ended up spending more time and doing more work on the file than I wanted to.

Anyway, once I began using the symbols file I began experiencing these so called "incessant redraws". Upon performing any simple action my four windows would redraw about 3 to 4 times, one after another. I reasoned that this was due to dcad having to access 10 different external files while working on a non-intel chip laptop (my main laptop is still damaged).

Now, today, after doing much work while not being able to manipulate the layers of the Linked Symbols with the Block Editor I decided to use the Insert Manager to convert them all to Embedded Symbols.

Upon closing the Insert Manager the redraw cycling immediately stopped. Any redraw now happened only once and in the active window only.

So, I don't know if those with this problem work with Linked Symbols or not but large Linked Symbols appear to be one of the things that lead to redraw cycling so we can add that to the list of things to keep an eye on.



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Re: Clue to a cause of "Incessant Redraws".
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2016, 02:42:22 PM »

Thanks. But I have never used symbols. Likewise, l have almost never used blocks, and do not use them at all now. And I do get as many as a dozen redraws with four windows open when I switch the main window from OpenGL Gouraud shaded to wireframe. In large drawings this can take 30-40 seconds to finish - really annoying.

My solution is to switch to an empty layer and then hide all layers. Then I change to wireframe, and enable the layers I want to see. It is a lot faster than waiting for the spastic redraws to finish.

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