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I have most recently had Windows 10 download and install itself on a secondary desktop while I was distracted answering an urgent call from a ship.  Since Windows 10 has been repeatedly nagging me every time I switched on any of my computers, I simply decided to give it a try.  The desktop in question was in fact very light in terms of loaded software as I had  recently reinstalled Windows 7 on it after fully formatting the hard drive with a genuine "Windows 7 Home Premium" Edition.  The said computer is protected by a "Norton Internet Security" package, and the only software already loaded was the entire "Microsoft Office 2007 Professional Edition", Design CAD23.0, Visual Basic 2010 Express Edition the "Team Viewer 11.0", which helps me work using two PCs one of which has two monitors).

As an exercise that would have revealed any issues that may have been lurking in connection to the use of Visual Basic 2010 Express Edition in generating programs that would use the Drawing capabilities of Design CAD 23.0 and the computation capabilities of Excel, I tried to recreate my most recent program on the PC that had converted to Widows 10.  The first snag I encountered was that the Design CAD 23.0 DLL is missing from the Visual Basic 2010 "COM" References, (while the  Microsoft Excel and the Microsoft Office were both where they should be in "COM" list of references.  Acting on the suspicion  that this may have been caused because Design CAD 23.0 had already been present on the PC before Windows 10 had installed itself, I uninstalled  Design CAD 23.0 and then  reinstalled it.  This however did not rectify  the problem.

I will appreciated some help as I am not very advanced in programing outside Visual Basic and Visual Basic for Applications.




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Hi Pavlos,

For .NET programming, you'll need to add a reference to "DesignCAD Express 23 Type Library" (for the 2D version) or "DesignCAD 23 Type Library" (for the 3D Max version).

If they aren't showing in the COM list, try right-clicking on the DesignCAD icon and choose "Run as Administrator". If that doesn't do it, open an administrator command prompt, browse to the DesignCAD folder, and run
                       dcad23 /regserver     
(for the 3D Max version)
                       dcadexp23 /regserver   
(for the 2D only version)

Then the type library should show up in the available COM references
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