Author Topic: Creating high-resolution images to scale from the Print command  (Read 1637 times)


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In the past, I have always created image files from DesignCAD using File/Image/Save Image File. While this is usually satisfactory, it's difficult to create an image at a particular scale, or specific number of dots per inch. Surely there must be a better way, right?

Turns out there is!

We've been using Print to PDF technology for years, with CutePDF Writer being perhaps the most popular PDF driver on this forum. Recently, I was looking into the current crop of PDF printer drivers, and discovered that some vendors' PDF printing tech also allows you to print directly to an image file instead.

I have downloaded and tested these two free PDF printers that also can print directly to PNG, JPG, TIF, and other formats: PDFFill and PDFCreator

Note that PDFForge's free PDFCreator tool will also attempt to install a trial version of their for-money product PDF Architect; other than that, both versions seem to save image files quite well. PDFCreator will let you alter the image settings on the fly during the Print operation; PDFill requires you to set up the desired image resolution beforehand using an included setup utility.

I am attaching a sample drawing (DesignCAD 3D Max 25 format -- should be properly viewable in 3D Max 18 or later) with procedural textures; below are links to the output tif files at 600 dpi. These are uncompressed images at 7-8MB each, so they may take a while to load.
PDFill Example
PDFCreator Example

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Re: Creating high-resolution images to scale from the Print command
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2016, 02:46:08 PM »
Wow, that's impressive.  The following pdf is a zoom-in screensnap on the PDFill option - bit like the Beijing Water Cube.  Thanks.


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Re: Creating high-resolution images to scale from the Print command
« Reply #2 on: September 02, 2016, 08:25:02 PM »
I tried installing PDFCreator on my Win 10 machine and got the message "This app can't run on your PC."

I tried it again a little while later and it installed. Don't know what caused the delay.

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