Author Topic: Cycling Text Position on Dimensions with Macro  (Read 1018 times)


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Cycling Text Position on Dimensions with Macro
« on: December 02, 2015, 01:11:53 PM »
This has been discussed elsewhere, (in the Summary of Hotkeys).
Bdeck has done all the work, and posted his macro to cycle the position of text on a dimension.
( reply #20 here ...  )

Unfortunately the pearls seem to have slipped through unnoticed with the "general" comments.
Hence I repost that macro here in his stead.
(It would be a shame if it slipped through the cracks :) )

Name of macro =  f12a.d3m
purpose = to do what f12 (apparently) used to do (to some extent at least) cycling text position on dimensions
As with all macros, it can be assigned to a hotkey, ...  or a toolbox ...
or run by simply hitting the spacebar (for command line - provided it is saved in your macros folder), typing f12a, and enter,
or using "%" to go to the macros folder, and then doubleclick it.

Method of use:-
imo it is best to select a dimension or two or twenty etc - the macro then changes the selections as follows:-
start the macro (eg command line), then ...
press v repeatedly to cycle through vertical positions,
press h repeatedly to cycle through horizontal positions,
press f to flip.

press esc (or left click or several other options to stop the macro).

Thanks and kudos due to bdeck. (I'm just the messenger :) - hopefully I have described it 80% right at least )

PS It seems to work only with linear dimensions.
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Re: Cycling Text Position on Dimensions with Macro
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2015, 07:19:05 AM »
If a keyboard shortcut is assigned, it's best not to assign f12 to the macro. If F12 is assigned, the damage can be undone by following DT's suggestion at message 28 here: