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Scanpro with scanner off
« on: June 18, 2007, 07:36:25 AM »
You may want to work with ScanPro on a picture already on your disk and without using your scanner machine.

But if a TWAIN scanner is selected in Scanpro, Scanpro apparently won't start if this scanner is off (and you could get a message such as "the creation of a void document has failed" as it did for me).

In my case, after Scanpro installation, the TWAIN scanner being by default in Scanpro, Scanpro would not open as long as the scan machine was off. I had to turn it on to open Scanpro and make settings changes: Scanpro gave me 2 choices relative to my HP scanner: HP-Twain (the default) and WIA-HP.
The WIA version of the same scanner being selected, Scanpro could afterwards start with the scanner off.

I hope this is relevant and will help.