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Lar's Double Line Uility


Hi folks,

If you are like me you like the idea of Double Lines (aka "d-line") but you avoid using them because determining left of right alignment is frustrating then here's the utility for you.

Attached is a dcad drawing of Double Lines of various sizes, each size with a Left and a Right alignment. Rather than mentally trying to figure out the alignment (which gets tricky, based on the starting point and direction) use the 'Same-As' finger in the d-line toolbar and click on the size and alignment sample. The d-lines are drawn in blue. The red lines indicate the alignment, ie, how the d-line would be drawn based on the starting point and direction to the 2nd point. So, rather than think alignment just use the red lines as a visual guide.

You can either paste this file into a drawing or open it on it's own, since sthe Double Line settings are global for all of the drawing files.

Here are the instructions (that also are in the drawing). Please read the last part (in red) if nothing else:

--- Quote ---To easily determine 'Right' or 'Left' alignment (depending on the direction the
line would run) and at the same time specify a size, use the 'same-as' finger
in the Double Line toolbar and click on the appropriate double line (blue) here.
The red lines indicate the alignment.

You can add your own sizes by duplicating any size-set and using the info
box to change its size (change size only, not alignment)

Note that Double Lines only work in 2D mode. To use in 3D Mode you must
draw the double lines in 2D mode with 'Save As' (right end of the Double
Line toolbar) set to Line or Plane, then switch to 3D mode.

Note that some versions of Dcad may experience problems if Double Lines
are visible while in 3D mode (versions below 21, I think) so you should put
these Double Lines on a separate layer and turn that layer off before switching
to 3D mode.

--- End quote ---

Hope you find it useful.


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