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Hi all,

I've taken the liberty of putting DesignCAD and ContourCAM on Facebook as a sort of showcase, and I hope you'll have a look and give a Like, make a comment or maybe even load up examples of your own work.

Click the appropriate logo(s) below:

Thankyou very much!

Apparently, you intentionally wrote 'sweet'.

Honestly, that just gives the impression that you don't understand English.

For those of us with a "suite" tooth . . . . DesignCAD and a 3d printer for making spearmint candy canes.   :)

Looks like it's just you and me, Magic...

So far, anyway.

Great insight -- most businesses do have a facebook interface these days.

On the title, I think I would go with something like:

  "Sweet CAD/CAM Magic Suite"

That way you convey both the pun and the fact that you know its a pun. Adjectives just don't look right after their object of description in English. Your brain wants to fill in a word after "Sweet".


  "CAD/CAM Magic Suite. Sweet."

This uses "Sweet" in the street sense.

On facebook, it should be "an all around".

Good job!


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