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Insight into drawing entities

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While looking at prl's "mysterious groups drawing" I realize that I was using a macro that I never shared with you.

drawing_info.d3m allows you to look at:

* entities summary of entire drawing
* entity details of selected items or entire drawing (NOTE: entity details of a large entire drawing is pretty useless though)
* one or more SYS() values
* one or more SYS$() values
Updated the entity list as per version 26.2.

Thanks, I'll see how this compares with my routines on the mystery drawing.

I updated my drawing info macro with the latest entities as per

Dr PR:

When I tried to use your drawing info macro I got this error message:

ERROR: include file <%s> not found

INCLUDE "DcadAlias.d3i"


Rob S:
Is it possible said file is missing from your Designcad program folder?

Mine is a 10.182 byte file.   If missing, could try copying one from an earlier version.


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