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Display order
« on: May 18, 2012, 10:58:47 PM »
Hello all, new to this forum, user since v97. I have never, ever, been able to make 'display order' work with a JPEG consistently.  One of the things I do is drawings for permitting projects to state, federal and local governments. As an example: the Army Corps requires a local map. Many times any text or other objects I draw over an imported JPEG will be buried and no matter how many times I use 'display order' to move the object to the top, or the JPEG to the back, or, whatever command, nothing happens. When printing they show but it's a pain to work with when you can't see the whole. What's maddening is that is not always thus; sometimes it works but 99% not.

I've come to a grudging love of DesignCad. I'm self taught and have bashed my head to bleeding to learn it. After foray with ACAD (still use 2000LT for certain things) I committed totally to DesignCad because of the power to cost ratio.  Frankly, since v97, not a hell of a lot has changed that makes my simple 2-D world earth shaking better but I relentlessly and dutifully upgrade on command, hoping that It will become what I want it to be.



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Re: Display order
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2012, 05:03:53 AM »
Have you tried putting the JPEG on layer 1 and everything else on a higher layer?

I image that you have 'Display geometry on top of images' checked.
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