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Mapping round or curved wall.
« on: April 01, 2007, 12:12:56 PM »
Rob Schippers suggested to post this tidbit of information here.
This deals with two fold problem. Creating and mapping round or curved wall surface correctly and creating and mapping the top to match the front texture to create a surfaces like these two.

1. You will need 2 images. One for the front of the wall (or back) and one for the top. Image like this one or a similar one is needed for the front.

2. Single brick image is needed for the top.

To create the front of the wall: First you create the polyline, (not curve), for the shape of the wall.

Second, extrude it downwards to create the grid surface. Like this. 

Using grid type mapping will map the wall correctly, so that the bricks are same length and it should look like this:

Creating the top plane so that the mortar lines are lined correctly, (like spokes of a wheel) is more complicated, because the plane must be segmented and there is only one way to do it so that your top image lines up properly.

Select the initial polyline which you used to create the wall and create a parallel polyline to it, (in the distance equal to the thickness of the wall), (using = on your keyboard). Use surface connect and connect the two polylines, match points and points order. Now you should have something like this.
  At this point you can delete the initial polylines used to create the surfacess, put it all together and map the top surface with the single brick image using Plane Warp Mapping with Default option. Like this.
To make it fit precisely, you may have to adjust the points to match the span of the bricks.
NOTE, Graphics acceleration will NOT be able to shade the top. You will have to use just the best shading without graphics acceleration.