Author Topic: Old (thus free!) Tutorials from V14  (Read 9561 times)


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Old (thus free!) Tutorials from V14
« on: November 08, 2010, 01:01:45 PM »
There was a fairly good set of tutorials in the old DesignCAD 14 Help file. You can download that help file here:

Note: The Tutorial section in that help file references some tutorial drawings -- those are attached to this post as a zip file.

Note that if you're running Windows Vista, you'll need to get the WinHlp patch from Microsoft -- Vista doesn't support .hlp files out of the box. YOu can download the patch here:
Click on "Continue" and follow along as instructed.
For Windows 7, get the WinHlp patch here: 
For Windows 8, get the WinHlp patch here:
For Windows 8.1, get the WinHlp patch here:

Windows 10 does not officially support WinHlp at all. However, this page has some instructions on how to get it to work. I have tested Solution 1 on this page and not seen any problems with it thus far. However, since it is not an official Microsoft patch you must use it at your own risk:

Note: You will need to run the Install script from the unzipped files using 'Run as Administrator'.
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