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Standard DesignCAD Keyboard Shortcuts
« on: December 07, 2006, 02:39:59 PM »
This is not intended to cover every possible keystroke/mouse/interface combination, but it does cover the most common (default) shortcuts built into DesignCAD.

@ Dimension
# Hatch
$ Attribute
% Macro Execute
& Stop Macro Execution
( Quartercircle
) Semicircle
* Point Move
+ Zoom In
- (minus)Zoom Out
_ (underscore)Extend Line
= Parallel
| Break Line
[ Wall
] Box
: (colon)Point XYZ
' (apostrophe)Point Relative
; (semicolon)Point Polar
. (period)Gravity Snap
< Angle and Distance
> Arrow
A Arc
Ctrl+A Select All
Ctrl+Shift+A Material Toolbox
B Combine
C Curve
Ctrl+Shift+C Copy Image
D Trim Section / Section Delete
Ctrl+D Solid Define
Ctrl+Alt+D Toggle Command Dialog
E Trim One Line
Ctrl+E Erase Last Entity
Shift+ETrim Two Lines
F Fillet
Ctrl+F Chamfer
Shift+F Selection Filter
G Snap Grid
Ctrl+G Grid Options
H Ortho Mode
Ctrl+H Set Selection Handles
I Cursor Options
Ctrl+IInfo Box
Ctrl+Shift+IInfo Box Focus
J Cursor Context Menu
Ctrl+JSolid Add
Ctrl+Shifr+JJoin Endpoints
K Linesnap
Ctrl+K Midpoint Snap
Ctrl+Shift+K Midpoint2 Snap
L Layer Options
Ctrl+L Slice
M Move
Ctrl+M Zoom Previous
Ctrl+Shift+MZoom Redo
N Duplicate
Ctrl+N New File
Ctrl+Shift+N Snap Toolbox
O (letter 'oh')Circle
Ctrl+O Open
Ctrl+Shift+O Color Toolbox
P Plane
Ctrl+P Print
Shift+P Select Previous
Ctrl+Shift+P Pan
Q Options
Ctrl+Q Surface Connect
Shift+Q Quadrant Snap
R Rotate
Ctrl+R Regenerate View
Ctrl+Shift+RRegenerate All Views
S Scale
Ctrl+S Save
T Text
U Units
Ctrl+U Solid Subtract
V Vector
Ctrl+V Paste
Ctrl+Shift+V View Toolbox
W Sweep
Ctrl+W Fit To Window
Ctrl+Shift+W Fit To All Windows
X Extrude
Ctrl+X Cut
Shift+X Lock X
Ctrl+Shift+X Extrude Along Curve
Y Rotate View
Ctrl+Y Redo
Shift+Y Lock Y
Z Zoom Window
Ctrl+Z Undo
Shift+Z Lock Z
Alt+Backspace Undo
Del Erase
DownArrow Move Cursor Down large step
Shift+DownArrow Move Cursor Down small step
UpArrow Move Cursor Up large step
Shift+UpArrow Move Cursor Up small step
LeftArrow Move Cursor Left large step
Shift+LeftArrow Move Cursor Left small step
RightArrow Move Cursor Right large step
Shift+RightArrow Move Cursor Right small step
End Move Cursor down and left large step
Shift+End Move Cursor down and left small step
Ctrl+End Move Cursor positive depth large step
Ctrl+Shift+End Move Cursor positive depth small step
Home Move Cursor up and left large step
Shift+Home Move Cursor up and left small step
Ctrl+Home Move Cursor negative depth large step
Ctrl+Shift+Home Move Cursor negative depth left small step
PgUp Move Cursor up and right large step
Shift+PgUp Move Cursor up and right small step
PgDn Move Cursor down and right large step
Shift+PgDn Move Cursor down and right small step
Esc remove points, or cancel current commmand
F1 Help
F2 Parallel By Distance
F3 Repeat Last Command
F4 Intersect
Shift+F4 Intersect2
Ctrl+F4 Close Current View
Alt+F4 Close DesignCAD
F5 Crosshair
F6 Move Cursor Focus
F7 Plane Snap
F8 Shade
Ctrl+F8 Hide Lines
Ctrl+F9 Symbol Load
F10 Snap Preview
F11 Dimension Coordinate
Ins Set Point
Space Commandline
Enter End command, toggle selected entity
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Re: Standard DesignCAD Keyboard Shortcuts
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2006, 09:35:25 PM »
DesignCAD Keyboard Shortcuts

As modified by Ed Musgrove

Default shortcuts in BLACK, unless changed, then in noted in RED; my additions in noted in GREEN.

      F1  Help
      Shift+F1  Context Help
      F2  Parallel By Distance
      F3  Repeat Last Command
      F4  Intersect
      Shift+F4  Intersect2
      F5  Crosshair
      F6  Coordinate Bar
      F7  Plane Snap
      F8  Shading
      Ctrl+F8  Hide Lines
      Ctrl+F9  Load Symbol
      F11  Dimension Coordinate
      Alt+Backspace  Undo
      Del  Erase
      Escape  Cancel Command
      INSERT  Set Point
      Ctrl+INSERT  Cut Line (Point Select Mode)
      Shift+INSERT  Extend Line (Point Select Mode)
      Ctrl+Shift+INSERT  Delete Point (Point Select Mode)
      Enter End  Command
      Spacebar  Command Line
      1  Set Origin     (new)
      Ctrl+1  Point Select Mode
      Ctrl+Shift+1  Custom Toolbox 1
      2   Set Grid Center     (new)
      Ctrl+2  2-D Selection Mode
      Ctrl+Shift+2  Custom Toolbox 2
      Ctrl+3  3-D Selection Mode
      Ctrl+Shift+3  Custom Toolbox 3
      Ctrl+Shift+4  Custom Toolbox 4
      Ctrl+Shift+5  Custom Toolbox 5
      Ctrl+Shift+6  Custom Toolbox 6
      Ctrl+Shift+7  Custom Toolbox 7
      Ctrl+Shift+8  Custom Toolbox 8
      Toggle 2D/3D Design Mode     (new)
      (keyboard zero) Circle (center, outside)     (new)
      Alt+0  (Alt + keyboard zero) Circle (diameter)     (new)
      (underscore) Extend
      % Macro Execute
      (apostrophe) Point Relative
      Quarter Circle
      (Shift+[keyboard]8 ) Point Move (changed, see below)
      ([numPad] asterisk) Distance Macro     (new)
      Zoom In
      (comma) Gravity Move
      (hyphen) Zoom Out
      (period)Gravity Point
      Point XYZ
      Point Polar
      Angle & Distance between Points
      (Shift+2) Dimension
      Break Line
      Ctrl+a   Select All
      Ctrl+Shift+a  Material Toolbox
      Alt+c  Calculator     (new)
      Ctrl+c  Copy
      Ctrl+Shift+c  Copy Image
      Section Delete
      Ctrl+d   Solid Define
      Ctrl+Alt+d  Command Dialog
      Trim One Line
      Shift+e  Trim Two Lines
      Ctrl+e  Erase Last (changed, see below)
      Ctrl+e  Explode Solid     (new)
      Ctrl+f  Chamfer
      Shift+f  Selection Filter
      g   Snap Grid
      Alt+g  Toggle Display Grid On/Off     (new)
      Ctrl+g  Grid Options
      Ortho Mode (changed, see below)
      Use Resizing Handle     (new)
      Alt+h  Current View->Hidden Line View Mode     (new)
      Ctrl+h  Set Handles
      Cursor Options (changed, see below)
      Info Box     (new)
      Ctrl+i  Info Box (changed, see below)
      Ctrl+i   Cursor Options     (new)
      Point Control
      Ctrl+j  Solid Add
      Line Snap
      Alt+k  Assign Keyboard Shortcuts     (new)
      Ctrl+k  Midpoint Snap
      l  Layer Options
      Ctrl+l   Slice
      Ctrl+m  Zoom Previous
      Ctrl+Shift+m  Zoom Redo
      Ctrl+n  New
      Ctrl+Shift+n  Snap Toolbox
      Circle (changed, see above)
      Ortho Mode     (new)
      Alt+o  Open Object Alignment Tool     (new)
      Ctrl+o  Open
      Ctrl+Shift+o  Color Toolbox
      Ctrl+p  Print
      Shift+p   Select Previous
      Ctrl+Shift+p  Pan
      Ctrl+q  Surface Connect
      Alt+r  Rotate Macro     (new)
      Ctrl+r   Regenerate
      Ctrl+Shift+r   Regenerate All
      Scale(changed, see below)
      Save As...     (new)
      Alt+s  Current View->Toggle Scrollbar     (new)
      Ctrl+s  Save
      Alt+t  Text Block     (new)
      Ctrl+t  Text Arc     (new)
      Shift+t  Multiline Text     (new)
      Ctrl+u  Subtract
      Alt+v  Change 2D view     (new)
      Ctrl+v  Paste
      Ctrl+Shift+v  Viewing Toolbox
      Alt+w  Current View->Wireframe View Mode     (new)
      Ctrl+w  Fit To Window
      Ctrl+Shift+w  Fit To All Windows
      x   Extrude
      Ctrl+x  Cut (to clipboard)
      y  Set View
      Ctrl+y  Redo
      z   Zoom Window
      Ctrl+z  Undo

Some of the above new additions access macros for which I have assigned keyboard shortcuts. For the most part, these are simple macros I have written who's functions should be fairly obvious based upon thier title. I never assigned a replacement key for Scale, as I never use it; Shift+s is available. I have the above as an html document; if anyone wants a copy I can PM it or make it available on my web site.


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Re: Standard DesignCAD Keyboard Shortcuts
« Reply #2 on: February 15, 2007, 09:46:37 AM »
I have just returned to DesignCad and CAD after five years.  I seem to have forgotten everything I knew then, especially the keyboard shortcuts.  I was dismayed at the way the shortcuts were displayed then.  I couldn't come up with any good way to find the desired shortcut becuse the actions were not sorted.  That required searching the entire list to find what I needed.

After returning to DesignCad, I find that that situation hasn't changed, so  I decided to do something about for me.  I took DrollTroll's list into WordPerfect, made a table, and sorted it.  I added a few shortcuts from DesignCan 3000.  I'm not sure they work in the current version.  Then I created a PDF file.  Now I can look up the action I desire with the actions needed sorted in the expected way.

While re-learning, I just keep the PDF file open in a window under DesignCad.  Then when I need the shortcut, I just reduce the size of DesignCad, find the shortcut in the PDF, resize the DesignCad window, and off I go.  It is really fast.

I have attached the PDF for any who desire it.



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Re: Standard DesignCAD Keyboard Shortcuts
« Reply #3 on: February 16, 2007, 06:34:40 AM »
While messing around trying to get back up to speed with V17.2, I discovered that all of the keyboard shortcuts in this version of DesignCad can be found in the Options dialog (press Q>Keybord).

I spent some time revising my original table to refelect the keyboard shortcuts in this version only.  It was a messsy job, but I find the results useful.  The v17.2 version is attached.


Peter T.

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Re: Standard DesignCAD Keyboard Shortcuts
« Reply #4 on: September 27, 2009, 12:06:17 AM »

I spent the last day making a hotkeys list for 3D MAX v18.2 which I would like to post.  It is in either .doc or .docx presently.  So, how do I get it posted?

it is one page long 8-1/2 x 11 without the arrow and Home pg End cursor moves which is a separate page (perspective view) in progress.  The hotkeys are sorted in blocks of similar commands.  The list uses Truetype fonts with symbols for Control and shift, set up in table format blocks.

I have used DesignCAD since v8a on floppies.  It seems I should not have to do this in order to learn the hotkeys, that each new version of DesignCAD would supply a hotkey sheet in Help.  I found some hotkeys I have not known about.  Then again, a few weeks back I discovered the fast print icon in v14.1 on my Windows 95 computer which always finishes at startup with Command Failed.

Version 18.2 is working well on my new laptop with dual core and Intel 4500 chipset graphics with Vista Home Premium 32bit 3Gb.

Bob P

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Re: Standard DesignCAD Keyboard Shortcuts
« Reply #5 on: September 27, 2009, 05:28:08 AM »
When you reply, check the +Additional Options box at the lower left.  It will allow you to attach your file.

Please use the straight .doc format so that we can edit the file to our own configurations more easily.

Peter T.

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Re: Standard DesignCAD Keyboard Shortcuts
« Reply #6 on: September 27, 2009, 09:48:38 AM »
Here is the Hotkey list, Hotkeys P.doc, attached.  If the Control symbol (Wingdings) or the Shift symbol (Wingdings 3) fonts show up as empty boxes as the bulk of text is Times New Roman western Truetype font, then you can use colors to fill the boxes to indicate Control or Shift.

Peter T.

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Re: Standard DesignCAD Keyboard Shortcuts
« Reply #7 on: September 28, 2009, 01:19:32 PM »
I should have mentioned that I used MS Office 2007 Word Processor and the Hotkey P.doc is in compatability mode for MS Office 2003-2006 or 2007 as I downloaded it myself to check if it worked and discovered it does not display correctly in Wordpad and maybe not MS Works Word processor.  The download I got back and opened displayed correctly in my MS Office and I then tried saving it in various other extensions and found .html displays correctly also.


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Standard DesignCAD Hot Keys and Mouse Controls
« Reply #8 on: March 08, 2010, 10:00:28 PM »
I used the above Hot Keys lists and made a few corrections. As I learned that not everyone is familiar with all those Mouse Control possibilities I have added those as well, and created new lists in xls (zip file) and pdf format. The pages are in letter size landscape format.

  • List in key order (1st page)
  • List in command order (2nd page)
  • Table in key order (3rd & 4th page)

Latest Hot Keys lists are further down.
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Re: Standard DesignCAD Keyboard Shortcuts
« Reply #9 on: January 21, 2012, 11:07:48 PM »
F12 is missing from Dempsey's list. It moves dimension text through all possible positions.

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Re: Standard DesignCAD Keyboard Shortcuts
« Reply #10 on: February 08, 2012, 06:49:00 PM »
Added the missing F12 key and its permutations.
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Re: Standard DesignCAD Keyboard Shortcuts
« Reply #11 on: November 05, 2015, 07:43:47 AM »

I came for verification that 'Shft+Ctrl+[scroll whl, +/- ]'; would Zm , the screen view, Larger/Smaller.

I 'missed' anything ... could you validate this shortcut.



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Re: Standard DesignCAD Keyboard Shortcuts
« Reply #12 on: November 05, 2015, 08:33:45 AM »
Yes, Ctrl+wheel (or Shift+Ctrl+wheel, for that matter) will zoom in or out.
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Re: Standard DesignCAD Keyboard Shortcuts
« Reply #13 on: November 28, 2015, 09:47:07 AM »

Thank you; for your last help!

Could you please Validate the following ...
S'rch, but couldn't find: After Selctng LINE...[rght-clk.DRAG] = a MOVE...
                                                              [Ctrl+rght-clk.DRAG] = a COPY.

Thank you!


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Re: Standard DesignCAD Keyboard Shortcuts
« Reply #14 on: November 28, 2015, 12:54:13 PM »
F12 is missing from Dempsey's list. It moves dimension text through all possible positions.
Question.   Is it still possible to do this with recent versions?