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Paper Space Layout Trick
« on: January 20, 2007, 02:11:44 PM »
 Printing in Paper Space only prints what's in the white area (the 'sheet'), which is helpful to me in working around the bug where all the Layouts print under the active one:

  I layout as many sheets as practical around the white area (see attached jpg) and when I'm ready to print I Select All and move everything so that the sheet I want to print is in the white area. I print with everything still selected and then just move everything for the next sheet. This method also helps when duplicating things from sheet to sheet.

This was originally discussed in the following topic where crackerjack posted his version of this trick:

EDIT_3June12: The bug mentioned above has been tracked down to being caused by 'Print by Layer Order' either being activated or deactivated, I can't remember which right now, but will confirm later.
The trick of laying out sheet around the white area is still valid. It works well for me when editing or referencing between sheets (don't have to leave one sheet to access another) and at times when I am noting different sheets with the same set of notes. I note in one view frame then duplicate the note to the others. Feels like I'm doing one set of notes rather than many sets of notes.
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