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Alternative Paperspace Template.

This tutorial was created by Raymond Shields, of the United Kingdom. I have tried this myself and it works well! I have tried this tutorial with DesignCad Version 16.2 3D and in DesignCad Express 16.

1. Have drawing in model space as normal.
2. Open paper space and load preferred template.
3. Decide which part of drawing you want in the first view port and at what scale. Store this in your large or small brain.
4. In model space draw a box around the part of the drawing you want in the first view frame ensuring the box encloses all you want to see but not so large as to have large areas around the drawing.
5. Remembering the scale you wanted to show the drawing in paper space say 1:50 select the box drawn around the part of the drawing in model space and scale it to make it 1:50 ie by 0.02
6. Select this highlighted box and copy it. Now delete it in model space.
7. Go to paper space and paste the box onto the template where you will create the view port.
8. Now using the create view port tool snap to the top corner of the box pasted into the template and the bottom opposite corner to create the correct size of the view frame.
9. The entire drawing in model space will now appear in the view frame. Select the view frame and drag it side ways to enable the box pasted into paper space to now be deleted.
10. Now drag the view frame to the position required being careful to ensure you are not altering the size of the frame ie drag using the reference point.
11. Next select the view frame and using the paper space tool bar, select the info icon, this displays scale etc or drawing display relative to view frame.
12. As all of the drawing is now in the view frame but you are only wishing to display part of it select specific scale in the view frame setting box and pick a scale that will ensure the entire drawing in model space will be inside the view frame box.
13. This now being the case use the section zoom tool in the paper space tool box to continually zoom into the part of the drawing you want in the view frame. You will note the scale displayed in the box is changing as you zoom. Note, only use the zoom in the paper space tool box. Remembering the scale you wanted the part of the drawing at,  zoom until you get close to this scale displayed in the specific scale box. ie 1mm equals 50mm if by zooming the scale displayed is say 55 simply click in the drawing units box, delete the 55 displayed or whatever the figure is and type the required scale ie 50 in this case. You will now have the part of the plan from model space you wanted in paper space at 1.50 scale within the view frame. You can use the pan drawing tool in the paper space tool box to position the drawing exactly where you want it in the view frame if necessary without the drawing disappearing but if zoomed correctly very little panning will be required.
I know this may seem long winded but I can assure everybody it works well and when done once becomes very easy and quick with no sudden loss of view frame or drawing.

Raymond can be contacted at:  I am sure that if you have problems with this tutorial.
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