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Display Problems? Try these things.
« on: September 04, 2008, 11:21:50 AM »
Webshots screensaver:
At least on some systems, every time the Webshots program changes the desktop image, The DesignCAD views go blank and you have to Regenerate. If you have Webshots installed and are experiencing this problem, open the Webshots Options panel, and in the Wallpaper tab set the "Automatically cycle wallpaper every"  interval to "never", or at least a longer interval so you don't have to regenerate the DesignCAD screen as often. You can reset it when you're done with DesignCAD.

Microsoft Intellipoint:
If you are having a lot of strange display problems with DesignCAD, such as views partially or completely blanking, or old display data partially obscuring newer display data, you may have Microsoft Intellipoint drivers on your system.

Open the Task Manager, and open the Processes tab.
Check for the presence of "ipoint.exe".
If it's there, right-click on ipoint.exe and choose "End Process". Confirm that you want to end the process.
Close and restart DesignCAD to see if matters improve.

If you do see an improvement, you might want to consider uninstalling Microsoft Intellipoint using the Control Panel.

Video drivers:
You may need to update your video drivers to the newest version -- or, if you've recently changed video cards, you may need to be sure the old drivers are completely uninstalled, and then re-install the drivers for the new card.
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