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General Discussion / Re: DesignCADís Death Spiral
« Last post by Bob P on January 12, 2018, 03:38:17 PM »
Is this applicable? Go to 4:10 in the video.
Looking For Help? / Re: Need help with programming in DesignCAD
« Last post by BlankMan on January 12, 2018, 01:41:41 PM »
I started it around the 27th and it progressed from there. Been many many incarnations and adjustments made and changes as the electronic design changed. Probably made 8 or so on the printer so far, one bottom is printing now. Not really done yet either. Have all the components now for test fits though. Have to move the fan to accommodate a bracket that will attach to the top for a touchscreen display which still needs to be drawn.

BTW This all has been done by subtraction only, not a single add. Whereas in the past a combination of both were used. But DCAD still manages to screw up the OBJ and STL exports. Cannot do them correctly.
Looking For Help? / Re: Need help with programming in DesignCAD
« Last post by Dr PR on January 10, 2018, 10:20:23 AM »
Just curious - any idea how long it took to write those 4900 lines of code?

Looking For Help? / Re: Need help with programming in DesignCAD
« Last post by BlankMan on January 10, 2018, 06:44:16 AM »
My current main project in DesignCAD MAX 2018. An electronics project enclosure, Completely drawn using BasicCAD. Just over 4,900 lines of code. Turns out to be the most lines of code ever for a DC drawing in 25+ years of doing this.

Done this way for prototyping using variables for the various component dimensions so the part dimensions, location, and orientation can be easily changed as needed.

Looking For Help? / Re: CutEdge macro issue
« Last post by BlankMan on January 10, 2018, 06:16:17 AM »
In the version 17 basiccad PDF reference I do have I did see the <incomplete in there now but apparently only shown with commands it will work with. CutEdge isn't in there must have came later. CutEdge isn't in DC printed manuals I have either.

I'll try not putting commands in or putting <incomplete in next time around or it I maybe get some time, right now I'm past that and working on prototyping not finding more workaround for DesignCAD. I'll add a Message command beforehand to get attention and remind what is going on.
BasicCAD / Re: Random number generator
« Last post by Pearlitic on January 08, 2018, 10:54:59 AM »
Thanks guys.  There is some really good information below.  I will see what I can do.

Best regards,

Looking For Help? / Re: CutEdge macro issue
« Last post by Lar on January 07, 2018, 08:37:47 AM »

You are right again. Too bad this isn't Jeopardy.

<incomplete pauses a command so you can manually do something, normally when all the other parameters have been written in the macro, but it seems the programmers has coded CutEdge with only the need for the points (in this case <pointxyz) so the fact that it is there means the command completes itself.

My quick solution would be to use <CutEdge twice. The first one with no parameters (or only <incomplete) which forces the macro to pause and give you a chance to enter the depth manually. You would then have to press the Esc key twice (to remove the dialog then abort the command). The 2nd <CutEdge  will have the <PointXYZ parameter. This will complete the command but it uses the depth you just entered. Note that you could just use one <CutEdge (with no parameters) and enter the depth as well as set the point manually. But I would do it twice, for the times when I don't want to concern myself with where to set the point, especially since I would have the macro switch to 3D selection mode so there's no confusion as to which solid I want worked on.
Another bit of advice is to be careful when using the 'set start point' command (which will happen if you don't disable that option when recording macros). With 'set start point' any point you set manually (as with the 'setpoint' and 'pointval' combo) will assign the normal value to variables, but when those variables are later used they may be calculated relative to the start point being 0,0,0.

Code: [Select]
'... macro has already assigned values for x, y and z ...

>CutEdge                'first cut edge command to manually enter depth...
<incomplete            'this could be left out but I put it here so if I ever come back to read the code I would be reminded of what my intention was...

>3DSelectMode      'since with 2d selection mode in macros you can not ALWAYS be ABSOLUTELY sure which solid dcad will use for the operation...

>CutEdge                'second cut edge to have the macro set the point while using the depth just entered manually...
  <PointXYZ [x,y,z]

>2DSelectMode   'switch back if necessary...

Looking For Help? / Re: CutEdge macro issue
« Last post by BlankMan on January 06, 2018, 10:52:48 PM »
Is <incomplete a command? Replaced <Radius with it it didn't stop for me to do anything.

I tried setting it beforehand that didn't work either, it's got a mind of it's own.

Landed up drawing a triangle and extruding it to do the chamfer. That's a buncha BS. I do more workarounds then do things as they're documented to work...

General Discussion / Bizarre text behaviour when changing from true-type to vector
« Last post by adriank on January 06, 2018, 07:26:02 PM »
This is more for your amusement than needing a fix, but it's worth reporting here.
I recently needed to re-number the hotel rooms that I'd produced on a plan.
I'd originally typed them as vector font (default 'simplex_win') and then changed them to true-type (Arial).
There were two groups of 5 units and the number order needed to be reversed, 101 - 105 was changed to 105 - 101. So, 101 & 102 became 105 & 104 etc but 103 stayed the same.
It was then that I realized '103' was now written larger than the other numbers - still the height but longer and bolder. (it printed that way too, it was in a PDF file that I first noticed it)

After much experimentation to try to replicate I worked out it only happens if you 'batch convert' several texts from vector to true-type then try to edit one of them. If you convert the texts individually it doesn't happen.
I also found that if the sequence is reversed - that is, originally typed in true-type and batch-converted to vector - the effect of editing it is also reversed.
Vector font converted to true-type gets smaller if edited, True-type font converted to vector gets larger if edited.

Like I said, not a doomsday moment but it makes the drawing look untidy so I had to re-do it as it was to be posted on the back of every door in the hotel!

Looking For Help? / Re: CutEdge macro issue
« Last post by Lar on January 06, 2018, 04:28:52 PM »

You are right. It totally ignores the Depth parameter in the macro and uses the default value already in the dialog.

You may be forced to use <incomplete to manually enter the value during the running of the macro.

If you only need one value during the running of the macro you can pre-run the command and enter the needed value, then run the macro so it uses the default.

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