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Looking For Help? / Re: Using *.png images
« Last post by Dr PR on June 22, 2017, 01:05:26 AM »
Yes, the latest version (V26.1) does allow transparent backgrounds in bitmap images.

I loaded a PNG image with an irregular shape and transparent background and moved it to layer 2.

Then I drew a line across the image in layer 1.

I selected the image and used "Edit/Selection Edit/Display Order/Move to Top" to ove the bitmap to display above everything else.

The line crossed behind the bitmap and was visible where the bitmap had a transparent background. The irregular bitmap image shape overlaid the line.


NOTE: JPG or JPEG images do not have transparent backgrounds to they always have a rectangular outline with an opaque background.
Looking For Help? / Re: Using *.png images
« Last post by Lar on June 21, 2017, 04:28:18 PM »

Does dcad support transparent backgrounds?

Looking For Help? / SOLVED: Re: Oddity re Arial font.
« Last post by Latheman on June 19, 2017, 04:40:37 AM »
It looks like I have found the problem.

Originally on both machines I was using what is called the staging branch of Wine, v.2.4.0 which is, as I understand it, the latest *** version of Wine to be produced. Recently I updated the Main computer to staging branch v.2.10.0 whilst leaving Backup at 2.4.0. Reverting Main to the latest stable branch of Wine, v.2.0.1 and the problem has disappeared. This would suggest something wrong with staging branch 2.10.0.

I've looked at reporting it as a bug in Wine, but the procedure appears rather complex requiring explanations and downloads, I've decided not to bother. After all, the next version of Wine might correct it. In any case, since DC works reasonably well with Wine v.2.0.1, I'm happy for now.


*** That's not quite true, but near enough. The way Wine, and other Linux programs work is that they have so-called stable and unstable versions. The stable versions are, if you like, a reasonably secure system as far as it goes. This doesn't mean that it is perfect, just reasonable for a lot of users. The unstable versions are later versions which are still in development, and Wine actually appears to have even split that into staging and development. No, I don't know what it means.

For me, I've had various problems with using Design Cad under Linux and hence having to use Wine as an intermediatory program between DC and Linux. Starting with Wine v.1.4, DC was a no-no, v.1.6 allowed DC2K to work ok, but not so DC17. Later, I accidently loaded staging branch v.2.2 and found that DC17 was now working ok. At that time the stable version was 1.7 or 1.8 and I didn't feel inclined to revert to one of those. The staging branch was automatically upgraded to v 2.3 and then to 2.4 and DC still continued to work so I wasn't particularly bothered. However, the upgrade to v2.10 broke it as described above.
Looking For Help? / Re: Oddity re Arial font.
« Last post by Latheman on June 18, 2017, 01:04:24 PM »
The only other program I use under Wine is DC2K, and Arial works with that. As far as I can tell. although a quick test just now did seem a bit odd. But it did retain Arial eventually.

Now there's a thing. I've deliberately created a small file in DC2K using Arial font. Saved it, reopened and it still says (Ctrl I) Arial. Close it, and reopen with DC17 & it says Arial Black. Further testing shows that DC17 has indeed changed it to Arial Black.


Looking For Help? / Re: Oddity re Arial font.
« Last post by Dr PR on June 18, 2017, 12:55:22 PM »
Do you actually have the Arial font installed on your main machine? Can you use it with any other program running under Wine?

Looking For Help? / Oddity re Arial font.
« Last post by Latheman on June 18, 2017, 12:06:48 PM »
Hi folks,
I have two computers, Main & Backup. Both are as near identical as I can make them although as Main is a Celeron M CPU 520 @1.6GHz and Backup is a Pentium Dual T2380 @ 1.8Ghz they cannot be identical. Both have DC17.2 and DC2K on them. Both are running Linux Mint 18.1 so the Design Cad programs are running via Wine.

The problem:
DC17 on Main will not switch to Arial font. DC17 on Backup, and DC2K on both will switch and stay on Arial. DC17 on Main always drops back to Arial Black if Arial is selected.

In order to get a reasonable font on Main, I'm having to use one called Verdana which is probably a specific Linux font, but it's the nearest I've got to Arial, which I do quite like for my drawings.

I have reloaded all the associated Linux programs, and the Design Cad programs. I've even gone as far as copying the default workspace files etc from Backup to Main along with DC_Layer.ini and DC_FilePath.ini (which were different). All to no avail.

All in all it is either something in Linux Mint which only happens on Main computer, or it is something in DC17 that doesn't work properly either with Linux Mint or Main computer.

Anyone got any ideas before I risk the wrath of the Linux fanboys who take great exception to anyone sullying Linux with anything to do with Microsoft.



Feature Requests / Re: dimension line weight
« Last post by bdeck on June 18, 2017, 11:20:08 AM »
... instead of increasing dimension line width, simply, increase the Pen Width  in "DesignCAD Print Command" Windows, found in Type tab. ;)

JJG,  That feature appears to have been there at least since version 15. Maybe i am the only one who failed to find it.  ;)

Many Thanks.

PS: The actual function of the listbox might be more clear if it were labeled "Minimum Line Weight"
Looking For Help? / Re: Changeing Ruler scale or range
« Last post by wisoak on June 18, 2017, 10:06:04 AM »
Thanks, Dempsey. I didn't realize that the ruler was only a 2D thing.
Looking For Help? / Re: Using *.png images
« Last post by Dr PR on June 17, 2017, 09:16:04 PM »
In Photoshop if you save a PNG with a background layer enabled, the background is opaque. If you disable the background layer the PNG background will be transparent.

So it is a matter of how the PNG image was saved.

Looking For Help? / Re: Using *.png images
« Last post by Bob P on June 17, 2017, 06:36:57 AM »
The transparent background is created by an image editor. Usually it's an option when saving png's or gifs. It was a little confusing, but I just used Irfanview to make a transparent-background png picture.

Here (apparently) is a free online program to do it.
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