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Title: Install
Post by: aqua on February 20, 2018, 06:34:16 PM
Have Windows 7 Professional 32 bit computer
Have Designcad 26 and all works fine

Just purchased Designcad 27 (2018)

I get an error about a Trojan virus related to Dcad27en.dll
and it has isolated this file,
as well as the error message Cannot load Resource DLL

I get a message "You are able to run Designcad in RedSDK Mode"
Not sure what this means

And can load the upgrade patch, advises that either the program to be updated may be missing or the upgrade patch may update a different version.

Version and patch are 32 bit (86)

Can anyone shed any light on these issues?

Title: Re: Install
Post by: Rob S on February 20, 2018, 07:08:24 PM
I suspect the virus alert is a false positive from your anti-virus.

Many others have installed this program without any issues.  Once your anti-virus has deleted the required dll, of course Designcad cannot run properly.

There should be some way for you to override the antivirus and re-instate this dll.

The RED sdk alert is a normal part of the new version, which allows you to run a different video display software.
You turn it off or on under options, options, general, REDSDK options button in the middle of the dialog.

There are some advantages and some disadvantages, best way to find out more search for redSDK on this forum.

As to the patch, maybe your purchased software is already up-to-date.  Once you get it running, check the release date in help, about if it is something like Jan 13, 2018 then it is the latest version and you don't need the update.   

If the release date is something like Nov 16, then make sure you have downloaded the correct patch for 2108 Max 32bit.   There are three others ie the 64 bit and the 2D (not MAX).

Good luck
Title: Re: Install
Post by: aqua on February 21, 2018, 02:56:57 AM

Anti Virus is Microsoft Security Essentials
It has quarantined the item however does not allow you to restore it, remove it is the only option.
The virus definitions are up to date.

I get the dll error message at start up, then it opens, don't know yet if it operates.

Installed version is 27.0, however it is January 2018, so it is the latest.
Desgncad used to be that you had to install the original, example 25.0
then install each patch in order, patch 1 would mean you end up with 25.1, etc

It appears now that if you buy/download the 2018 (27) now in February 2018, it comes installed with the patch, so all is fine there.
Title: Re: Install
Post by: Lar on February 21, 2018, 08:14:00 AM;quote=50390;topic=7016.0;last_msg=50409 (;quote=50390;topic=7016.0;last_msg=50409)
But it does seem like users are having individualized problems, ie, new problems that no one else is having. Mine was if I tried to export DXF my virus protection would alert me of an attack then would remove some dll files (which I assumed were for dcad's dxf'ing). That went away when I did the last win-10 update - which also seemed to speed up my display because working in shaded mode with Red off is just about doable now).
I use Norton and I too (previously) experienced the same problem as Aqua. About 4 dll files got 'removed' while installing but it did not stop dcad from running. However, whenever I tried to dxf something I got the virus alerts again. Like I say in the quote, the big Win10 update that came around that time cured the situation.