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Title: Forum Guidelines
Post by: DrollTroll on December 05, 2006, 10:55:28 AM
Welcome to the new DesignCAD User Forum. We hope you will find this to be a wonderful environment in which to discuss all things DesignCAD. Toward that end, we'd like to make a few suggestions:

1) Talk to us. Share your experiences, both good and bad. We continue to rely on users' insights and feedback to keep DesignCAD relevant and useful.

2) Courtesy counts. You may strongly disagree with something that another member posts, but that is no reason to get personal or snippy. We should all remain on friendly terms here; today's annoying pest may have tomorrow's much-needed answer.

3) Make a reasonable effort to post your questions or comments in the appropriate area. And try to keep responses on-topic. There is an off-topic discussion area for jokes, political ruminations, and general silliness.

4) If you have a useful tip or hint, please feel free to share it with all of us in the Tips and Tricks area.

5) This forum offers the ability to send personal messages to other forum members. Please do not abuse the privilege, and do not engage in personal attacks or harassment. Violations will be treated with all due seriousness.

6) Everybody has a bad day. Sometimes we might post a question or a comment using language, or a tone, that we later regret. If you find yourself in this situation, remember you have the ability to edit both the title and contents of your own posts. If you feel that an entire thread started by you should be deleted, please message me or support, and we will consider removing the thread for you.

7) We don't want to know about your off-topic links, be they for drugs, porn, sexual favors, gambling, banking, loans, opportunities, travel, or anything not directly relevant to DesignCAD. If you're not here about DesignCAD, please don't join. Members who insist on linking to off-topic or questionable web sites will be banned. Repeatedly if necessary. Why waste my time and yours?
Enough rules. Enjoy the forum!