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Title: 3D section view
Post by: Rob S on January 05, 2007, 08:05:04 AM
I would like the ability to view a 3D construct as if everything in front of a specific plane was cut away, without actually cutting it away.

So, without affecting my model, I could specify a section plane for say a house, and view it from a specified distance, but showing the inside view as you would see it if the front half was cut off.

This feature should probably exist in both the view dialog and in paperspace, so we could specify a paperspace layout showing a section view.
Title: Re: 3D section view
Post by: prl on January 05, 2007, 09:10:08 AM
You know Rob, this kind of wishing gets me thinking.  Currently I have some code I call "dip" which means "duplicate in place".  What it does, it takes the selected items in 3d space and copies them automatically to a new blank drawing.  What makes the code interesting is I have the second drawing take on the exact view position, shading, etc. of the original drawing.  It's as if all the unselected items were erased from the original but of course they aren't and the original drawing is untouched.  If I were to massage this a bit with the slice command, I could fake this clipping plane concept.  Maybe I'll play around just for stuff and grins.
Title: Re: 3D section view
Post by: Rob S on January 05, 2007, 09:54:38 AM
Maybe we should just have the programmers work on the Macro Language, and you can develop all the new features we want!!!!
Title: Re: 3D section view
Post by: tri-luminary on January 05, 2007, 09:17:56 PM
Related to this feature....

There's a program I use that's sort of CADlike. Its interface is not as good as ours, and you don't have all the boolean operations we do, but it has a lot of premade symbols that are really nice and EASILY customized for appearance (not for size or in myriad other ways, though.. it's kind of lame that way.)  ANYHOW.. it's all about designing for events, and the cool feature it has that I'd like to see is you can define an object as the "VENUE".... once per drawing, and when you do, all planes in it that are close to the viewer become invisible. So as you orbit around, with camera far enough away to be outside it, the walls that would block you from seeing the inside of the venue are temporarily made invisible, until you rotate your POV further and they would now be seen from the inside.

Cool idea, I think.
Title: Re: 3D section view
Post by: Lar on January 06, 2007, 10:48:09 AM
Dcad had this ability since about v13, but it's useless because you have to distort the Perspective view way too much to see it. Also, solids are not closed off. I now remember v17 making mention of this ability when it was introduced. It is of no use to me, though, because it is always perpendicular to the camera.

The last autocad I used to any extent (2004) and previous have the same 'perpendicular to camera' type.

Sketch-up has a dynamic cutting plane that you can move (and rotate, I think) but the solids not closed off.

Cinema 4D has the best I encountered - the bools are dynamic and you can turn them on or off. So you can timeline (animate) the location and on/off state for different cuts in the same model without having to 'Duplicate and Slice', so you can make changes without worrying about the existing slices becoming obsolete and having to redo. The solids are closed off by the surface of the cutting object, so you can put a texture (like a Hatch) on the cutting object to 'hatch' the cut surfaces.

In another post prl makes mention of a dedicated zoom window that I put in a wish list (similar to Windows Magnifier found under Start Button> Accessories> Accessibility> Magnifier, but not bitmapped based), which was prior to v14, I think. At that same time I wished for 'cutting solids' - solids that always cut away from other solids it was associated with.

Attached is a simple example of a dcad model exported to C4D and walls dynamically cut away to show interior views. It is part of a series generated from a timeline, but as individual images (1 frame per second) and not a running animation file. Hence the '-0002' in the file name. I then load the images as references into a dcad file. In this way I can make changes to the model in C4D, then just re-render the animation to update the bitmap images (takes about a second and a half per image). Once I reopen the dcad file the images are updated. My very own paperspace system.

Title: Re: 3D section view and print
Post by: Rob S on January 08, 2012, 12:19:14 PM

Not only be able to view such section views, also print of course, and in shaded, and hidden line modes as well